Peer-reviewed journals


Jonas Bergan Draege and James Dennison. “Making sense of Italy’s Constitutional Referendum”. Profile article in Mediterranean Politics (forthcoming, January 2017)


Jonas Bergan Draege, Daniela Chironi, and Donatella Della Porta. “Social Movements within Organisations: Occupy Parties in Italy and Turkey.” South European Society and Politics (2016)

Jonas Bergan Draege. “The formation of Syrian opposition coalitions as two-level games.” Middle East Journal (2016)


Jonas Bergan Draege and Martin Lestra. “Gulf-funding of British Universities and the Focus on Human Development.” Middle East Law and Governance 7.1 (2015): 25-49.


Op-eds and blog posts (English)


“Norway elects a new parliament on 9/11. Here are 4 things to know” Post with James Dennison published in The Washington Post. 


“Unless the Yes campaign can shift tactics, Italy’s constitutional referendum is heading for a No vote” Post with James Dennison at the London School of Economics Europp Blog.


“Did Turkey’s parties care about the Gezi Protests?” Post at the LSE Middle East Centre Blogs.


“Two forgotten Dimensions to the Syrian Conflict” Op-ed published in Open Democracy. 


Media appearances


“Jonas Bergan Draege: Protests and Party Politics on the Ground in Turkey”. Jacob Carozza. Profile interview with the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center.


“Waarom Nederland anders zou stemmen als er een peilverbod zou zijn”. Interview in Dutch newspaper de Volksrant


“Hoe Italiaanse media op slinkse wijze het peilingverbod omzeilen”. Interview in Dutch newspaper de Volksrant

“Hoe Italië probeert te weten te komen wat de kiezer denkt over het referendum”. Interview in Belgian newspaper De Morgen

“Referendum: “Se si votasse domani, No al 90%. Antipolitica mai così forte””. Work referenced in Wall Street Italia

“Stemmen over wet is stemmen over Renzi”. Interview in Belgian newspaper De Morgen

“London School scommette sulla vittoria del No”. Interview in Italian newspaper La Repubblica. PDF available upon request

Studio interview, “Urix På Lørdag”. Studio interview on Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation radio.

“Fengsla PKK-leiar vil gjenoppta fredssamtalar”. Interview with Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

“7 spørsmål og svar om kuppforsøket i Tyrkia”. Interview with Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten


“Studio interview, Dagsnytt Atten”. NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)


Op-eds and blog posts (Norwegian)


“Ingen teikn til forsoning i Tyrkia” Op-ed published at NRK Ytring.

“På kino med AKP” Op-ed published in Klassekampen. PDF available upon request

“Svarte tyrkarar, kvite tyrkarar” Op-ed published at NRK Ytring.


“Ikkje ekskluder Assad” Op-ed published at NRK Ytring.


“Halvhjarta Syria-diplomati” Op-ed published in Klassekampen (Norwegian intellectual daily). PDF available upon request


“Er den syriske konflikten eit sekterisk oppgjør?” Op-ed published in Klassekampen. PDF available upon request